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Welcome to the Western Business Education Association (WBEA). WBEA is an affiliate of the National Business Education Association seeks to share educational experiences that will prepare individuals to excel as consumers, workers, and citizens in our economic systems. WBEA is committed to providing our members professional development, networking, and learning opportunities through online resources and regional conferences.

Working closely with the States, Territories, and Provinces (S/T/Ps) that make up the western region, WBEA provides opportunities for these organizations to connect, share, and support business education programs at the local, state, provincial, regional, and national level.

Executive Board 2014-2015

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Professional Development

WBEA is committed to providing professional development opportunities to its members. Programs such as the Professional Development Institute (PDI) and President-elect workshop are offered each year in conjunction with the regional conference. The Educational Opportunity Scholarship program offers financial support for business educators who are pursuing an advanced degree.

In addition to the opportunities provided through WBEA, members are also encouraged to pursue opportunities offered through NBEA. More information can be found in the Professional Opportunities section on the NBEA website.

Regional Conferences

The WBEA, in conjunction with the S/T/Ps, host annual conferences where Business and Information Technology Educators can network with other educators, share classroom materials, teach one another, attend professional workshops, meet exhibitors, and reduce stress.


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WBEA participation means that the opportunity is available to nominate and be nominated for outstanding contributions to your state, territory, or province; or to WBEA.



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